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As a Designer...

I'm inspired to make your inner beauty flourish and your jewelry wardrobe blossom with my handmade goodies, so you can blossom into the best version of YOU! Each piece is lovingly crafted by me using polymer clay and hypo-allergenic post that will make you look and feel your best in whatever stage of life you're in.


"I'm ready for the next stage of my life, because I'm the creator of it!"

The Stages Of My Blossom

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, not​hing shall be impossible unto you.” - Matthew 17:20”

Seed Stage: (The Beginnings of My Root System)

In memory of my great grandmother Elease Jackson a.k.a. “Mother” who was a resilient Christian woman who never doubted God’s love for us and knew He would move mountains on our behalf. Her passion for His love sowed a seed within me to give birth to my God giving talents. 

Germination Stage: (When a Seed Fall on Good Ground)

In honor of my remarkable grandmother Elizabeth a.k.a. “Maw Maw” who is 96 years young and has never missed an opportunity to praise God and pray for me. Her prayers have given me warmth and spiritual water to sprout into something beautiful.  

Growth Stage: (Coming into Existence)

A tribute to a strong black woman who gave me life, Sharron a.k.a. "Ma". She is an incredible mom who always surprises me with her incredible talents, love for me, and her crazy sense of humor. She has taught me survival skills on how to be a strong black woman, to speak up for myself, and not to back down from developing and pursuing my dreams. 

Reproduction Stage: (A Completed Flower Forms Into A Full Blossom)

"Me” a descendant of these amazing women who has reproduced their supernatural strengths into me at this very exciting stage of my life. As I continue to develop and emerge into my talent, I have now become a completed flower, formed into a full blossom. 

Artfully Yours,